My name is Brandon and I take photos, thousands actually. And what do I do with all of those photos? I create photo collage that depict concerns over urbanization, changes in city planning, and the ordinary scenes I come across while walking. Collage has played an important role in my own creative process as it opens up a seemingly endless way of exploring ordinary and often overlooked scenes.

I’m also a bit of a dreamer, nature explorer, thought provoker, and photoshop aficionado. I took up an interest for photography in my early teens with most of my work revolving around nature (particularly rivers and the night sky) and sports like freestyle skiing and snowboarding. I moved to Toronto, Canada in 2012 to start my new found career. This started out by earning a BFA in photography at Ryerson University which would take up 4 years and drastically shift how I thought about images.

Since discovering the works of David Hockney, specifically his “joiner” work, I have taken a strong interest in exploring this style. What I admire most about photo collage is that the photographer is never limited by the frame of the camera. I am in complete control of infinitely expanding my canvas to capture key elements of a scene, how subjects move in a space, or to deliberately leave out elements. I also have access to specific perspectives within a scene, meaning I am open to shooting all sides of an object to bring something three dimensional onto a flat surface.

In the future I am hoping to experiment with smaller collage work, consisting of only a few images. These smaller images will have more intimate connotation addressing my own connection to the environment. Be sure to check back to see the progress take place!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to collaborate.